Design Shanghai

Release Time:2015-03-20  
   「Design Shanghai」is China’s leading international design event On 27th–30th March, 2015,Showcasing the best design brands from across the globe, 「Design Shanghai」provides a unique and exciting platform to network and establish long-term business relations with China’s top architects, interior designers, property developers,facilities managers, private buyers and anyone with passion for exciting, new and inspiring designs. 2015 will see the return of China’s premier design, featuring even more of the finest international design houses, inspiring speakers and created features.
    Innovative Shanghai-based design studio Design MVW set up by Chinese designer Xu Ming and French architect Virginie Moriette, is very excited to be exhibiting at Design Shanghai and would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join. Newest creations will be showcased during
this China’s premier design event.
    Inspired by Shanghai legendary Art deco period which brought a unique landscape to this city, Design MVW pay tribute to the classics by their design works. Pure lines, lively forms and serene, elegant proportions define once more Design MVW’ s latest collection with new works named “Golden Age”.
    New collection "Xiang Sheng" will be displayed as well. Throught this collection composed of 6 pieces of furniture with sculptural and artistic qualities, Design MVW symbolize the combination of "solid and void" in forms and materials.
The notion of void varies according to the different cultures. When a European observes a vase, he sees at first its material and its form while a Taoist would see the Void. Characterized as a potential in Taoism, it represents the spirit empty of thought from which the subliminal comes out. 

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